10 ways to increase your number of books read this year.

I love feeling like I have improved on anything.  Reading more books is no exception.  The more I hear and read about books, the more I want to read.  

1. Join a challenge.  

This can be any type of challenge.  Goodreads has a great challenge to set a number of books you want to read this year.  You can beat your number from last year.  Just don’t do too big of a number, you will either hate reading or just grab a bunch of the smallest books you can find.  Create a challenge with your friends or family.  It is easy to find lists online.  

2. Watch Book videos on Youtube 

There are so many great videos talking about a whole bunch of different genres.  Really you can’t not find something to help boost the number of books you want to read.  Do be careful though, this can also hinder your reading time.  The more you see, the more you want to watch. Watch a few and then walk away.

3. Dedicate a few hours on the weekend to read. 

By making time to read it will make it a whole lot easier to finish a lot more books..  The best way is to get a comfy spot all ready and sink right in.  A cuddly cat or dog won’t hurt either.

4. Drink more tea.

Nothing says curling up with a great book than a cup of tea.  If you don’t drink tea ask your friends to recommend their favorite kind of tea.  If all else fails ask random people at the grocery “what kind of tea do you like to drink”.  I bet you would get some pretty crazy answers.

5. Pick a classic to impress that guy or gal you are interested in.

I say this because once you read some of the amazing classics out there, you won’t be able to turn back.  Just don’t become one of those people who turns their noses up at all other books.  That will definitely not impress cute, nerdy, intellectuals.  

6.  Go into the YA section of any store.

I know you will find a great book there and most of them are series.  I think it might be a requirement.  So you will feel all great about reading that YA book, until you realize it ends with a cliffhanger.  You will then have to go back to the bookstore and buy all the other books in the series.  You will also be recommended a bunch of other great series based on the first book.  Then BAM, you have increased your number of books for the year.

7. Force books on your friends.

This shouldn’t increase your book count, but it will.  Once you have finally convinced your friends to read the amazing books you love, they will force books on you.  Just like you, they will not give up until you read them.   Shhhhh, just go with it.

8. Have awkward conversations with family members, colleagues, or in laws.

Once you have read enough you will always have a book that will fit for that person.  Then you can fall back on that to discuss when all else fails.  Unless they don’t read, like ever.  Then you are screwed.

9. Take a long road trip.

This is a great way to discover audiobooks.  Those amazing gems read by Libba Bray, Tina Fey, and so many more.  Plus what else are you going to do play the license plate game?  Ok, you can do that too!

10. Put yourself on a book buying ban until you read all those unread books off of your shelf.

You will become a speed reading champion with the prospect of not being able to buy more books.  Nothing will make you read faster than staring up at all those shelves filled with books you bought.  You know what I mean.  All those dollar books, 3 for 5 books, or even those library sales books will come back to taunt you when you put yourself on ban.  Bans are awesome, until you put yourself on one.


Those are my 10 ways you can increase your books read this year.

 How do you increase the number of books you read?  



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