Books I Am Embarressed to Admit I Have Never Read

I consider myself passionate about books.  I have read and enjoyed a lot of books.  I talk about books, think about books, and generally have an appreciation of all things book related.  Except I carry around a dark secret.  Come on book lovers, we all have these.  I am talking about that list of books you haven’t read.  I know most of us go around talking about all the books we love and hate.  We even seek out what books we should read next.  One thing most of us don’t talk about is that list of books we haven’t read and are embarressed we haven’t read them.  We make excuses, we tell ourselves we should read them, and we may have the best intentions of doing so, but we just don’t get around to it.  The list haunts us and follows us.  

This came to light a few weeks ago.  I was in a Target with a friend and we were in the book section.  My friend picks up a Harry Potter book and starts saying something about it.  I say “I haven’t read any Harry Potter books” and she looks at me like I am some sort of mutant from another planet.  I start to stammer and make up excused why I haven’t read any yet.  Just like any great book lover, she isn’t hearing of it.  She says “well you must pick one up immediately”.  Yet, I still haven’t.  Instead of listing all my reasons why I haven’t, I decided to just do it.  List the books I am embarressed to admit I haven’t read yet.  So here goes.


Harry Potter series

The Lord of the Rings series

Anything by Jane Austen

To Kill a Mockingbird


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Giver

The Shining


The Book Thief

Jane Eyre

Anything by Charles Dickens

Peter Pan

Anything by William Shakespeare, except Romeo and Juliet


Ok, don’t just judge.  What are some books you are embarressed to admit you still have not read?



11 thoughts on “Books I Am Embarressed to Admit I Have Never Read

  1. There’s some Dickens I’ve been meaning to get to, myself.
    But I don’t see why you should be embarrassed–there’s so many more books to read than there’s time! You should get started on that list, though. 😉

  2. I also haven’t read any Charles Dickens apart from Great Expectations which I was forced to read at school! Now that classics are always going to be available especially now they are free as eBooks, I think it is easy to overlook them as it is taken for granted that they will always be there.

  3. I read The Giver, and only because I had to for a college class. I may have read most of the cliff notes because I had more important books to read at the same time, oh the woes of being an English major. I tried to read the first Harry Potter book, but got bored. Since I saw the movies first, I really couldn’t focus on the books. I do own 6 out of 7 though, I am missing number 6. Unfortunately, I have read many Shakespeare plays because I had to take a class in college, and I HATED it. Jane Austin is on my to-read list.

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