Real Life Vs Reading Life

What to do when real life gets in the way?  By real life, I mean the Vampire Diaries.  Kidding, sort of.

I have been reading the same two books since the end February.  I wonder what is taking me so long.  The books are interesting, but I am not getting through them as quickly as I would like to.  I know many readers struggle with this.  The want to read so many books, but having to face the fact of how fast you can really read them.  At the end of last month I did something I rarely do.  I had books checked out from the library, but I just wasn’t that into them.  For whatever reason, I did not want to read them.  I just rounded them up and took them all back.  It was very liberating to just pick out all new books.  One of the great benefits of the library.  It seemed to give me the boost I needed and I finished Paper Valentine rather quickly.

Then work picked up, I have friends visiting from out of town, and I fell into watching the Vampire Diaries.  Those things all added up to not getting much reading done.   This seems to be a problem.  I am excited about the release of Requiem, have some books on order, and want to finish the books I got from the library.   It has me thinking of a good question.  How do we balance all the other life distractions with getting enough reading done?  Or should we just take the ebbs and flows of the life of a reader?

Do you stress about not reading as much as you would like?  What do you do to get back in the swing of things when life just keeps getting in the way?


2 thoughts on “Real Life Vs Reading Life

  1. We3 says:

    I should have warned you that The Vampire Diaries (TV show not the books) is very addictive!! So far I am loving Reqieum but I have loved all of the other books by Lauren Oliver too.

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