This or That Tag

I wanted to do a different type of post today.  I decided to do a tag and this one has been around for quite awhile.  It was created on Youtube by AurasBookBox.  If you would like to watch the original video, click on the link.

This or That Tag

1. Audiobook or book in hand

I tend to read 95% of my books as a book in hand.  I use to listen to tons of audiobooks when I commuted far away.  I think audiobooks do have a place though.  They have definitely saved me on long road trips.

2. Soft cover or hardback

I buy mostly soft cover.  I do this to make it more cost effective for myself.  If I see a cheaper hardback, I will definitely pick it up.  I just don’t have a huge preference one way or the other.

3. Fiction or non-fiction

The majority of my reading is fiction.  If I was forced to choose only one, I would have to pick fiction.  I do like to read non-fiction books.  I think it is good to have a mix of both.  

4. Fantasy world or real life issues

I wasn’t sure about this one.  It is a close call, but I have to go with real life issues.  When I look over my books I have read, some of them that have stuck with me the most, are definitely real life issues.  

5. Harry Potter or Twilight

I have to say Twilight, for the simple fact I have never read Harry Potter.

6. Kindle, Ipad, Nook, or other

I have a Kindle and I do enjoy it.  I can’t say how good any of the others are.  

7. Borrow or buy

I wish I could say buy, but finances dictate that I must say borrow.  

8. Bookstore or online

I really believe in supporting the local bookstore.  I love being able to go in and browse.  Online can not replace being able to hold a book, flip through the pages, and discover something you wouldn’t have looked at otherwise.  If I have the extra money, I am definitely going to the bookstore.

9. Tell me one time or trilogy

This is a toss up. Stand alone books can leave you with a sense of closure and not drag out. They may not go as deep into world building, getting to know the characters, or have to cut things out that could have went into a trilogy.  I have really enjoyed some books that are trilogies, but it seems like a lot of books I pick up are being made into trilogies.  It can be done really well, or just a story that has been dragged out.  It all depends on how well written the books are.  I can think of a few trilogies that could have been condensed and have been so much better.  I can’t just pick one, I just can’t.  Is that cheating?

10. Monster read or short and sweet

I think a lot of authors can’t make a really great short and sweet book.  I have read a few that are amazing, but overall it is a hard thing to do.  Or so it seems to me.  For that reason, I am drawn to monster reads.

11. Starry-eyed romance or full of action

Can’t I have both?  In the past I have been drawn to starry-eyed romances, but I do want something fast paced.  For that reason I will pick full of action.

12. Curl up in your Snuggie or bathe in the sun

I live in Alaska, so there are times when we don’t have much sun.   I tend to read at night, curled up under a blanket, and with something hot to drink.  I also read a lot in bed.  I am going to pick curl up.  Put me near a beach and my answer will definitely change.

13. Hot chocolate or latte

Latte for sure.   Or even better a cup of tea!

14. Read the review or decide for yourself

I like to read some reviews.  There are so many books out there and I don’t want to end up with a stinker.  I tend to read a few reviews to decide what goes on my to be read list. 


I hope you enjoyed this type of a post.  Let me know in the comments below.


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