25 Random Bookish Things About Me

1. If I watch the movie before the book, odds are I won’t read the book version.

2. I love family dramas.

3. I spend more time looking for new books than I do reading.

4. I rarely never finish a book, even if I am not enjoying it.

5. Most of my books come from the library, book sales, or thrift stores due to my budget right now.

6. I want to travel to famous book stores and libraries.  Shakespeare and Co in Paris and Powell’s Books in Portland I am looking at you.

7. If I love a book I will badger my family and friends until they read it.   And…..

8. I am stubborn when other people recommend me books.  I have to be in the mood to read them.  It is just shameful.

9. I mostly read at night.

10. Winter is my favorite time to read.  It gives the best excuse for sitting on the couch and enjoying a good book.

11. Dog earing pages is not cool by me.  I will use anything and everything as a book mark.

12. I never use to read new releases when they came out.  It would take me a year or two to get around to a new book.

13. I really enjoy looking at the recommended by employees shelf at a bookstore.

14.  However, if the employee has recommended a book I hated, I dismiss all the other recommendations on the shelf.

15. Audiobooks are the best things for a long road trip, but I hardly ever listen to them other than during a trip.

16. If a cover has a dog on the book I am going to pick it up.

17.  The main characters make or break a book for me.  If I hate the main characters, overall I won’t like the book.

18. Big books can intimidate me.  I have had I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb on my shelf for so long.  Over 900 pages is crazy.

19. I will read any types of genre.

20. When I was a child I would check out a huge amount of books to read for the week from the library.

21. I went through a few years after high school when I didn’t read much of anything. I call these my dark years.

22. I wish I could read faster, but I could read more.  Instead I get distracted by everything else.

23. I never reread books.  I wish I did, but I just never do.

24. I feel a bit of glee when no one is in the break room or next to me on a plane.  That means I get to pull out whatever I am reading and I don’t have to feel antisocial.

25. Someday I would love to work in a library or a bookstore.

Originally saw this on http://www.youtube.com/user/KatesBookClub?feature=watch


4 thoughts on “25 Random Bookish Things About Me

  1. This is a really fun post!

    I finish both books I start, too, even if I hate them, but it depends on the book. In the case of YA or MG, I think, “Well, it will only take me another hour to finish, so I might as well.” if it’s a insanely long adult novel that will take me the next month to finish, I’m more likely to quit.

    My rereading books habit is also somewhat dependent on age group. I reread classics. I reread books I love (Ella Enchanted, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc.), but if it was just a YA that I found entertaining but not particularly meaningful, then of course I won’t reread. I did just reread OCD, The Dude, and Me, so I’m feeling it’s a pretty special YA.

    Sometimes I procrastinate by randomly surfing the Internet, and then I think to myself, “If I wasn’t going to do work anyway, why didn’t I do something actually useful or enjoyable like read?” I’ll have to brainstorm ways to catch myself when I’m very obviously wasting time, so I can read more!

    • I have had to really remind myself not to keep reading books that I am not enjoying. It is something I am learning to do.

      I need to put rereading books on my challenge next year, because I just don’t do it. I always find all these other books to read and it is a never ending cycle. I want to reread lots of books, but just don’t.

      Wasting time on the internet is so bad.

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