Books to Read Before the Movie Comes Out

Here is a list of some books that are being made into movies.  I haven’t read any of these and I want to before the movie comes out.

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians book#2) by Rick Riordan        Due out August 7th 2013

I haven’t even read the first Percy Jackson book.  It would be good to read the books soon though.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card    Due out November 1st 2013

The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkein   Due out December 13th 2013

I didn’t read it before the first installment.  Maybe I can do it this time.  If not I guess I have the third installment to try again.  I guess that is spoken like a true procrastinator.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak   Due out January 17th 2014

I got this book for my birthday.  That means, I have no excuse not to read it before the movie comes out.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner   Due out February 14th 2014

Divergent by Veronica Roth   Due out March 21st 2014

I am planning on reading this over the summer.  I bought it on my Kindle a long time ago.  Dropped the ball on that one!


A couple more that sound good.

Horns by Joe Hill   not sure on release date-IMDB has it as October 11, 2013

Devil’s Knot The True Story of the West Memphis Three by Mara Leveritt   no release date found

Dorothy of Oz by Robert S Baum –voiced by Lea Michelle, Dan Aykroyd, Megan Hilty, Patrick Stewart, and Jim Belushi   no release date found


What books do you need to read before the movie is released?  What book to movie adaptations are you excited for?


7 thoughts on “Books to Read Before the Movie Comes Out

  1. I’ve read the Maze Runner and Divergent so I am really, really looking forward to those movies. I want to read Enders Game and The Book Thief though, definitely before their films come out! Great list.

    • I found The Maze Runner at a library sale a few weeks ago and I have had Divergent for so long, so I have no exuse to not read those before the movies.

  2. I wanted to re-read The Hobbit last year, but like you, have procastinated and hope to do it by movie #2… Or #3, ha ha. I feel I should read The Fault in Our Stars before the movie.

    • Ha, it gets bad that I you have to keep pushing books back. That is what they get for making the Hobbit three installments, it gives procrastinators more time!
      The Fault in Our Stars is a quick read, so if you can give it a shot.

  3. Books, Tea & Me says:

    I’ve read The Hobbit and The Book Thief, so I can’t wait for the movies! But I really need to read Ender’s Game, The Maze Runner and Divergent before they come out. Also, The Fault in Our Stars and Catching Fire are coming out, both of which I’ve read! Hopefully the movie portrayals of all these books won’t be terrible.

    • Yeah, I didn’t list any of the books to movies I have already read and are coming out.

      That is the big question, are they going to actually do the books justice? That is one of the big reasons to try and read them first. A few book to movies/tv have really surprised me though and been better than the book. That rarely happens though.

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