Current Series You Should Watch on Netflix

The Emmy’s are tonight!!  In honor of that, I think we should take a break to do some tv talk.  I love watching tv shows.  Discovering a great show and marathoning is awesome.  That is especially good for some of those cold, blustery winter weekends coming soon.  Here are my recommendations for the series you should check out on Netflix.

In no particular order:

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Seasons 1-4 Available

This show I started watching a couple of years ago.  It had already been on for a little over two years, it is now in its 5th year.  I watched the first season and I liked it, but did not love it.  The second season I was hooked.  The show hits its stride.  You will be laughing at all of the crazy antics and fall in love with town of Pawnee.   Watch the four seasons on Netflix now.

How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother

Seasons 1-7 Available

Sticking with comedy, let’s talk about How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM.  This is one show I started watching from the beginning.  I so love Barney.  HIMYM has had some epic episodes.  Those episodes aren’t going to come alive unless you have been watching the show and have become a fan.  Are you going to crack up at Robin Sparkles or cringe when you know the slap is coming in Slap Bet?  No you will not, unless you watch from the beginning.  Go, do it right now.    Well finish reading this first!



Seasons 1-7 Available

I have to admit I haven’t watched the current seasons.  This is partly due to the fact I don’t get Fox, but also just because I haven’t made the time to catch up.    However, Bones is addictive tv.   The cases are really interesting, the chemistry is great, and all of the characters are  well thought out.  The dialogue is really good.  Plus, Bones and Booth have a great will they or won’t they chemistry.  Did I already mention chemistry?  Oh well, it is a science show.

Vampire Diaries

vampire diaries

Seasons 1-3 Available

I was late to the Vampire Diaries train.  I wrongly thought it wouldn’t interest me.  I just went about my life ignoring this show.  Then one weekend I started to watch.  This show ruined my life.  Well, ok, it didn’t ruin my life.  Just a few weeks in the month of March.  I would keep trying to watch one more episode, just one more.  Needless to say if you are looking for a show to escape from the world.  This is probably a good one.

One Upon A Time

Once upon a time

Seasons 1-2 Available

This show is one of the more original plot lines I have watched.  It is like a mini-movie every episode.  At least for the first season.  Each episode is a little more in the layers of the story.  Now is the time to check it, especially since it has inspired a spin-off.



Seasons 1-2 Available

The show is based on a fixer, someone who is called when a scandal breaks out.  This show has all of the drama that a political show set in Washington D.C. can have.  This is an addicting show and would be fantastic for fans of drama.

That is it for current tv shows.  What shows did I miss?  What one should I check out next?  Do you agree with my list?


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