Review: On the Island and Uncharted by Tracey Garvis-Graves

on the islandTitle: On the Island and Uncharted

Author: Tracey-Garvis Graves

Publisher: Dutton Adult

Published: Book October 11, 2011 and Novella July 2, 2013

Series: no

Source: Library and purchased the novella from Amazon/Kindle

On the Island 

The Story

Anna Emerson is an English teacher who has been offered a teaching job in Maldives.  She accepts the job happily and is looking forward to spending a working summer on the beach.  T.J is a seventeen year old who has no desire to spend his summer in the Maldives with his family.  His cancer is in remission and he would rather spend his time hanging our with his friends.  The two set off to meet T.J’s family in the Maldives, but on the way their plane crashes.  Anna and T.J. fight to survive on the island and begin to rely on each other.

My Thoughts

I am going to be honest, I came into this book with some trepidation.  The story is known to be a love story between the two characters with a big age difference.  The biggest problem is it is between a teacher and a student.  I really worried and did not think that I would like the story.  As a teacher, it is not a subject matter I really wanted to read about.  I am glad I listened to the reviews and gave it a try.

The subject of the two being stranded on a desert island is handled with a lot of realistic portrayals.  Things do not come together so easily, and the two struggle with the basic day-to-day life on an island.  The writing is superb.  It pulls you into exactly what the two are having to go through.

The romance, which I was most worried about it, was also written very well.  Tracey Garvis-Graves took care to make it believable and surprised me with how much I rooted for the two.  The romance was slow building.

The ending was not all tied in a nice bow and was realistic.  I don’t want to give anything away, there are a few twists and turns.  This is a definite must read.  I highly recommend On the Island.

I would give it:

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The Story

Owen Sparks is a twenty-three year old millionaire who walks away from everything.  He takes a plane trip to a deserted island determined to get away from it all.  This novella is his story of what happened on that deserted island.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the novella and liked “seeing” the island from another perspective.  It was totally different coming from someone who chose to go to that island.  It also makes a difference that he can leave for a while and go back to the mainland.   Owen is an enjoyable character and I liked reading his short story.  I didn’t love it like On the Island, but it is definitely worth the read.

I would give it:

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