Top Ten Book Turn-offs

This week the topic for Top Ten Tuesday is Book Turn-offs.  Those things that make us want to stop reading or maybe even roll our eyes.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, go over and check them out.

My list is in no particular order.
tuesday sept 30th Big Fat BooksI don’t have anything against big books and have enjoyed my fair share of BIG books.  However, when I am looking at what to read next a book that is big can be intimidating.  Does it need to be that long?  Plus, I worry once I start reading it will take so long to finish.

tuesday sept 30th Big Fat Plot HolesThe book is going along and then all of sudden something happens that doesn’t work with the story.  Or point A to point B is rushed or not explained. The type of stories that aren’t totally thought out.

tuesday sept 30th PoliticalI am ok with books about politics.  I don’t like books trying to cram a viewpoint down my throat.  Give me the facts and I will make up my own mind, thank you very much.

tuesday sept 30th Dumb decisionsI get the fact that some books are coming of age stories and dumb decisions may have to be made.  I don’t like it when dumb decisions are done over and over.  Then the character learns nothing from the dumb decisions.

tuesday sept 30th Unlikable CharactersI have read a few books that I like the story, but don’t really like or connect to the characters.     I have to be able to find some good quality to the character or it just doesn’t work.

tuesday sept 30th Extreme PredicadabilityMost of the time I read to escape.  I don’t try to predict everything that is going to happen next.  The book is not going to work for me if I can guess what is going happen.  It makes the whole reading experience boring.

tuesday sept 30th Soooo slowI get some books need world building and character development, but does it have to be so many pages long.  I don’t want slow books.  It doesn’t have to massively action packed, but it has to at least go somewhere.  Please don’t bore me, it is so hard to come back from that.

tuesday sept 30th PiggybackingThose books that are touted as the next insert popular book here.  I also don’t like books that are based around really popular shows or stories.  They normally aren’t that great.  If you are going to piggyback, it better be good.

tuesday sept 30th unstable characterOne book I read earlier this year (I won’t name names) had a bunch of idiotic characters and they all acted like they were so stable.  I really felt like a bunch of the characters needed to see a psychiatrist.  The only character that was stable was supposed to be the stick in the mud, unlikable character.

tuesday spet 30th MIA Parents

If the book is supposed to be a young adult book then they should have parents.  Unless your book is based around an absent parent or neglectful parents they can’t just disappear.  I also don’t like when kids just forget about their parents.

What are your book turn offs?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Book Turn-offs

  1. Unlikable characters is THEEE #1 turn off for me. How can a book be memorable if the characters aren’t? The answer is that they never are! I really like characters make or break all books!

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