Monsters by Ilsa J Bick

ImageTitle: Monsters

Author: Isla J Bick

Publisher: Egmont USA

Published: September 10, 2013

Pages: 688

Series: yes, book 3

Source: review copy on Netgalley

The Story

The changed are all around and are trying to take over.  Those that are spared are trying to fight back.  Will everyone survive?  How will it all end?

My Thoughts

I want to say before I get into my review I liked the first book Ashes, but I loved the second book Shadows.  I came into the last book with somewhat high expectations.  The book was a disappoint to me.

The first problem was the fact that it had so many characters.  I enjoy books that flip back and forth between some characters, not a ton of them.  The thing with this book is I didn’t really remember or care about a lot of these characters.  The book does have a character chart, but it is in the back of the book.  I read this on my Kindle and I didn’t care enough to keep keying in to get to the back of the book.  That meant a lot of the time I was just reading to get a little farther in the book.  When it did get to the main characters, it seemed to have lost a bit of its focus.

The second problem was the book was all over the place.  The pacing was lost.  I felt like the fight scenes were drawn out.  The scenes describing the thoughts or feelings were jumbled or confusing.  “Go, go, push, push”, what does that mean?  It is repeated over and over, even in one of the final scenes.  It is never fully explained.  I still feel like some questions have not been answered.  The ending was rushed.  That is strange to say, especially since the book is almost 700 pages.

I feel like the book should have been edited to almost half of what was in it.  It would have been better to add in some more information about our main characters.  Overall the whole book was confusing.

I really don’t know how to feel about the series.  I have been telling people to wait to read the series until all the books are out.  I do still enjoy the first two, but there isn’t really a proper closure.  If you have read the other two books give this one a try.  If you love zombie stories, you might enjoy the series.

I give this book bookmark bookmark


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