Things I Want to See and Do in New York City

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This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie and I chose to do it on things I want to see in New York.  Is this obnoxious for those who aren’t going?  Probably.  For that I want to apologize ahead of time.


1.  This should be BEA, but it isn’t.  Even more exciting than books is food.  New York food to be exact.  I am crazy excited about all of the culinary delights that New York City has to offer.  Top of my list, pizza.

2. Attending Book Expo America.  I can’t wait to see what everything is like and meeting so many awesome people.  I know they will be awesome, because they love books.  So, they can only be awesome, right?

3. Meeting authors, getting books, and going to author signings.  I live in a state that doesn’t exactly have that many book signings.  Ahem, Alaska, ahem.  Well they have book signings, but really this is almost exclusive to authors that live in this state.  This is allowing me to get so many author signings in such a short amount of time.  Sweet.

4. Visiting The Strand bookstore and taking it all in. This is one of the bookstores I want to see on my travel adventures.

5. Finally getting to see some of Central Park.  I visited in July a few years back and did not get to go into Central Park.  This was due to the fact that I had walked there and the heat zapped me by the time I got there.

6. Seeing Bryant Park and the New York Public Library.  The hotel I am staying at is only two blocks away from here.  I just might need to take a stroll and see it at night.












7. Visiting Grand Central Station again.  Last time I visited this was one of my favorite places to see.  My sister and aunt will be visiting with me and have never been.  I can’t wait to see what they think of here.


8. Walking around and seeing what can be seen.  I really am going to want to just walk and see what we can stumble upon.  So many great places, stores, restaurants, etc…  No guide-book can cover all of them.

9.  Shoe stores, particularly Moo Shoes shoe store.  I have heard a lot about this store and I want to see it for myself.

10. 9/11 Memorial.  This is not higher on the list because I know it will be emotional.  However I must see it.


Are you going to BEA?  Have you been to New York City?  What was your favorite part?



Book Expo America 2014

I leave for Book Expo America in less than two days.


To say I am excited is an understatement.  I have been trying to plan out what authors I would like to see and go to their signings.  Oh my!  It is a bit overwhelming.  I planned a few and then decided I don’t want to cram pack my schedule.  I want to be able to just wander around and see what books I can discover.

This will be my first year attending BEA and my second year in New York City.  So I really don’t think I should give advice.  I am just here to share in the excitement and squeal a bit.  I wish I had been more dedicated to preparing more blog posts prior to this.  I could have done some face post like this one at The Perpetual Page Turner.  Clever girl.

I have an idea of the clothes I am going to take, snacks picked out, and business cards printed.  The thing I am really excited about, other than the books obviously, is meeting people and talking all kinds of talk about books.  So, how many people are headed to BEA?  What are you most excited about?

The Ninja Librarians: The Accidental Keyhand

Accidental KeyhandTitle: The Accidental Keyhand (The Ninja Librarians Series)

Author: Jennifer Swann Downey

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Published: April 15, 2014

Pages: 384

Series: yes

Source: review copy on Netgalley

The Story

Dorrie and her brother Marcus fall through a hidden passage and discover an underground society of ninja librarians.  This secret society can go to any time period.  Dorrie wants to belong to this society, but the ninja librarians question whether these new guests can be trusted.  Dorrie and Marcus must prove that they have what it takes to be a part of this world.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this start to a new series.  The adventures they go on are fun and somewhat fast paced.  I predict they will be better flushed out in the future.  The story had a big job of setting up this huge world that the underground world is a part of.  The set up the author had for this beginning book was so smart.  She can go in so many different ways with the story.  Plus it can incorporate many historical elements, while making it  fun for kids to read.

The book seems like a nice transition for those that love the Magic Treehouse series.  In fact, as I was reading it I kept thinking this will be a perfect book to recommend to those students that are ready to transition from the Magic Treehouse series.

The thing I loved the most about this book was the characters.  Dorrie and Marcus are fantastic characters, and I loved going on a journey with them.  Marcus was great comic relief when the story needed it.  Plus the relationship between Dorrie, Marcus, and their family was also a highlight.

I truly look forward to where this story is going to go next.  I also highly recommend this series.

I would give this book bookmarkbookmarkbookmarkbookmark