Book Expo America 2014

I leave for Book Expo America in less than two days.


To say I am excited is an understatement.  I have been trying to plan out what authors I would like to see and go to their signings.  Oh my!  It is a bit overwhelming.  I planned a few and then decided I don’t want to cram pack my schedule.  I want to be able to just wander around and see what books I can discover.

This will be my first year attending BEA and my second year in New York City.  So I really don’t think I should give advice.  I am just here to share in the excitement and squeal a bit.  I wish I had been more dedicated to preparing more blog posts prior to this.  I could have done some face post like this one at The Perpetual Page Turner.  Clever girl.

I have an idea of the clothes I am going to take, snacks picked out, and business cards printed.  The thing I am really excited about, other than the books obviously, is meeting people and talking all kinds of talk about books.  So, how many people are headed to BEA?  What are you most excited about?


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