Top Ten Characters on a Deserted Island

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This Top Ten Tuesday is the top ten characters on a deserted island.  I tried to find a mix of young and adult characters that would be beneficial as a team.  Here is my list.

Siege and Stormtwilight

where'd you go bernadette

percy jackson

hunger games


shatter me

catching fire









Sturmond-He is good with a ship and can build things.  If we somehow can put together a ship, we will make it out.  Plus, I imagine him as great eye candy.

Carlisle Cullen-He is a vampire, so odds are he would survive.  He is also a doctor and that is a must on an island.  Also he is one of the few vampires that wouldn’t kill us all.

Bernadette Fox-She is an architect that builds out of local materials.  She would be so useful for shelter.  As long as she doesn’t get depressed.

Percy Jackson-Percy is good with the water and will be useful if we need a strong swimmer.

Katniss Everdeen-Katniss is good with a bow and arrow.  I know we won’t go hungry with her around.

Levi– Just because he is Levi.  Enough said!

Aaron Warner– He will keep everyone in line.  I also think his ability would be useful.  He is also just darn handsome.  So there is that.

Finnick Odair– Another just oh so handsome one!  He will also have a lot in common with Percy Jackson.  Plus, another one that is easy on the eyes.

Anges Crandall– Agnes is an amazing cook.  It won’t be depressing eating with her around.  I also think she would be fun to hang around.

Kenji Kishimoto– I just LOVE Kenji.  He would be around just because I want to hang out with him.  I also think he would be a good addition to the group on the island.

agnes and the hitman

unravel me






Do you agree with my choices?   Who would you have on a desert island?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Characters on a Deserted Island

  1. Carlisle Cullen and Percy Jackson are smart picks. I have no doctor on my list, so basically if one of us gets hurt it’s a free for all, haha. But I do have magic users, so I guess it’ll be alright. But still, a doctor is very practical.

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