The United States of Books

I recently saw a post on Lauren Oliver’s website that linked to this post on Epic Reads.  I found it fascinating.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but some books I easily remember that easily where they take place.  I think most people could tell me that Twilight takes place in Washington.  However, other books I don’t remember where they took place.  Here are two more links to posts about famous books that take place all of the United States.

The Most Famous Books Set in Every State (according to Business Insider)

50 States, 50 Novels by


My question is this, do you pay attention to what state a book is set in? I am going to limit this right now to the United States. If you don’t live in the US does this make a difference for you? If you live here do you search out books set in your current state or states you have lived in?

I don’t know if I make a conscious effort to pick out books from the states I have lived/live in. I do notice it at times. When I read Divergent I kept think about how much I missed Illinois. When I read The Tenth Circle I read it while in an Alaskan village. Not far from where the book was describing. I had to read a passage to my roommate. I also know I am drawn to books about some of my favorite vacation destinations. Did you say that book was set in New York City? Well then I guess I will have to read it.


2 thoughts on “The United States of Books

  1. I think I pay attention to the setting, yes. Sometimes it’s interesting to see another corner of the county that isn’t where you’re from or NYC (since that’s all over TV and movies!). I read so much dystopia, sci-fi, and fantasy though that the settings are different from what we know. I’m actually afraid to read books set in Tennessee (where I live) because I fear the focus is going to either be on a rural community or country music, neither of which I can relate with. I think it’s more fun to read books set in places I have been to and recognize places mentioned (like Chicago in Divergent or Atlanta in Parallel).

    • I agree it is nice to see other places that we might not see otherwise.

      You can actually search books in a certain setting on Goodreads. It would probably be interesting for you to look through some of those set in Tennessee.

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